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Our custom concrete edging is designed to beautify the exterior of your home or business. Below you will find our available textures, styles and colors.


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Flagstone textures
Rock and brick textures
Ashlar texture

Our Process

Installing a decorative landscape edge or curb is a unique and exciting process. At every stage, we make sure to treat your property with respect and do things right. Here is what customers can expect from us:

Step 1

Once the design has been approved, the ground is marked with spray paint.


Step 2

A sod cutter is used to remove the grass and preserve any existing beds.


Step 3

A fresh batch of concrete is mixed onsite in our custom trailer.


Step 4

The concrete is then loaded into wheelbarrows and fed through an extruder to create a continuous piece of the concrete curb.


Step 5

We then use a hand trowel to ensure smooth flowing curves.


Step 6

Stamps and rollers are used to add a selected texture.


Step 7

Expansion joints are cut every 2-3 feet while the concrete is still wet. This allows the curb to shift during any temperature changes and controls any cracking that may occur.


Step 8

Finally, the concrete is sprayed with a sealer if necessary to protect the curb from the elements.

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