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The Textured Edge

The Textured Edge is Pennsylvania’s best concrete edging installer. Our custom, concrete edging is permanent and mower friendly. Let our extensive training, certification, and experience put the finishing touch on any landscape.

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concrete landscape edging that lasts a lifetime!

What The Textured Edge Offers

We offer permanent, mower-friendly, concrete edging. In contrast to other hardscapes, The Textured Edge is installed by using an extruder that makes a continuous piece of concrete. We have a variety of styles and textures to choose from to ensure the final product is perfect for your home. Our extensive training, certification, and experience enable us to complete any concrete edging project effectively and efficiently. Stop by our office today to view our sample yard and inquire about an installation on your property. 

The Textured Edge sample work

About The Textured Edge

We love enhancing the curb appeal of your existing or newly created landscapes with our concrete edging services. We are excited to introduce a new, innovative product—The Textured Edge—to make your landscape look classy and pristine. Our experts guarantee the final look you desire by offering high-quality estimation, consultation, preparation, and installation services. Check out the wide range of styles, colors, and texture patterns by visiting our “how it works” page or use the button below.

The Textured Edge sample work
The Textured Edge custom concrete edging

Why Concrete Edging?

  • Mower friendly
  • Cheaper hardscaping alternative
  • Permanent and maintenance-free
  • No preparation work required by the customer
  • Most installations are completed in one day with no mess
  • Saves time spent on trimming edges
  • Keeps grass and weeds from invading flower beds
  • Does NOT rot, warp, rust, or pop-up
  • Enhances the aesthetics of your property
  • Prevents erosion and promotes plant growth
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