Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have included a collection of questions that we receive most frequently. If you have an additional question or if you would like more information, please give us a call at 717-634-6055.

Why curbing instead of other options?

  • Beds without edging require a lot of trimming and maintenance. When grass and weeds grow into garden beds, they require lots of time, energy and money to remove.
  • Wood or timbers will rot over time and attract bugs and termites.
  • Steel and plastic edging will lift out of the ground over time. Steel will rust and has sharp edges which become a safety hazard.
  • Individual blocks or bricks will shift over time and pop loose. Grass can also grow easily between the blocks.
  • Concrete landscape edging is one continuous piece that will last for many years.

Is there a warranty on your work?
Yes, we offer a full one year warranty for all workmanship and material defects. For complete warranty and care information, please click here.

Are forms required to do concrete landscape curbing?
No, a special made extruding machine is brought to your home or location that will create a beautiful continuous concrete border.

How long does the process take?
Typically the installation will be done in a day. Depending on options and footage it can take 2 days.

Will the color fade over the years?
No, the integral colors used are designed to minimize fading. A sealer is also applied at the time of installation to resist fading. Resealing is also a good practice every 2 years.

How will replacing my existing edging with curbing affect my landscaping?
We will remove the existing edging, and cut a 9-12" wide strip of sod away from the outside edge of your existing landscaping. This will allow us to extrude the curb against your current edge. If you have any sprinkler heads on the outside of your existing landscape edge, they will need to be moved. Sprinkler heads inside your edging will not be affected by the curbing installation process.

Will I be able to mow up against my curbing?
Your curbing will be as strong as 2,500 psi and will withstand your mowers weight as you ride along the edge of the curbing. The blades of your mower will not damage your curbing and will allow you to mow right up against it resulting in less time spent weed eating around your landscaped areas.

Do you use concrete trucks or other large equipment that might damage my property?
We have a self-contained trailer that holds all our material and equipment. We mix the concrete right from the trailer into a wheelbarrow. The largest, heaviest tool in your yard is the wheelbarrow. Our equipment all weighs less than 180 pounds. No Cement Trucks.

How long will the concrete edging last?
It should last many, many years as long as it is maintained properly. Standing water behind or in front of the edging should be removed, especially in the winter. Also, the edging should be resealed at least every 2 to 3 years with a commercial-grade acrylic sealer.

Do I have to get it all done at the same time?
Many customers may choose to get their edging done in phases. We keep complete records of each customers edging applications to ensure consistency.

Can I afford this?
You'll be surprised at how inexpensive our product is when compared to other edging products. The quality, beauty, and durability of our products, in addition to the fact that they are completely installed with no work for the home owner, make us quite a value. Compared to "do it yourself" blocks that can be purchased and installed yourself, our prices are very comparable AND professionally installed. Concrete curbing prices will vary based on shape, stamps, colors, terrain and prep work involved, however it will cost the average homeowner between $4.50 to $11.00 per linear foot. Call us for a free on-site estimate specifically tailored to your exact property.

How effective is the concrete curb at keeping out grass?
Concrete has a proven track record of preventing sod from entering your flower bed. Your constant losing battle to keep sod out of your flower beds ended with this invention. You also will not have weeds growing between this edging since it is all one continuous piece, and sod can not grow under it. There are several different shapes to choose from. The most common is the "angle" or "mower edge" style. With our machine, both molds have a minimum 4" height in back and 2" height in front. The curb will actually be 6" wide. Our molds are designed high enough to keep sod from growing through it, and high enough on the back to retain your bed covering, such as mulch. Our machine has the ability to adjust even higher for areas where you need a little more height. As long as your area is properly prepared and your grass clippings are not discarded into your flower bed, you will not have sod creeping into your bed area any longer!

Will the curbing crack?
Many times, concrete will crack. However, several steps are taken to control and/or minimize cracking. These steps include:

  • The use of type I-II Portland cement
  • The use of fiber mesh in every mix
  • Cutting control/expansion joints approximately every 2.5 feet to allow the curbing to flex. This way if it does crack, it should do so in the hidden area of an expansion joint.
  • Proper ground preperation before installation.

How long are those pieces and where do I buy them?
"They" are not pieces or sections. The breaks you see approximately every 3' are expansion / control joints. The curbing is installed on each job site in a single continuous piece.

Is this landscape curbing a new product and does it last?
It is definitely more appealing now than it was prior to 1999. We use top-of-the-line products to ensure long life and even go the extra mile by using a special additive and sealant to ensure the clearest and most consistent color. With proper maintenance, the curbing should last a long time.

How deep do you dig and how deep is the footing?
We dig about 2 inches deep by 9"-12" inches wide without disturbing your existing landscape beds. There is no footer required as the curb is concrete and acts as its own footing.

What about frost and ground movement?
A major benefit of our concrete curbing is that as a continuous piece of concrete it "floats" with the freezing and thawing of the ground. Individual blocks or bricks will shift over time. Our curb is reinforced with fibermesh which is designed to take the place of rebar or steel and add strength to the curb. We place control/expansion joints every 3 feet to control any cracking of the curb during shifting periods and colder months. If the curb should crack, it should crack in the expansion joint and not be noticeable.

Is the color painted or stained on the curb?
All of our colors are iron oxide pigments which are mixed into the concrete during the mixing process. The color will not flake off or disappear over time. You may experience a little fading, but this is considered normal in any outdoor color application. A sealer can aid in the lifetime of the color. We recommend sealing every 2 years.

What kind of base is placed under the curb?
We make sure the base under the curb is compacted and level. Sometimes we will add a small layer of sand under the curb to ensure it is straight. The curb does not require a foundation.

Can children or pets damage the curb?
The concrete curb is very vulnerable during the first 24 to 48 hours of installation. It is imperative to keep guests, children, and pets away from the curb for the first few days. In addition, many homeowners have irrigation systems which need to be turned off the day before our arrival and not turned back on until two days after installation. If the curb is damaged from any type of force, it can be fixed. However there will be an additional fee for this service.

After the first few days, the curb is strong enough that animals and children cannot hurt the curb by stepping on it. It is not a problem to rake your bed covering back into place a few days after installation provided the curb does not take a direct hit from any tools. It is best to wait a few weeks before beginning any major replanting or changes to your bed area. Do not allow anyone to dig underneath the curb or run over the curb with a vehicle. Your curb is only as good as its foundation, and it is not designed to be run over by a vehicle.

Can't I buy the pieces and install them myself?
What you see is not pieces or sections. The breaks every 3' are expansion / control joints. The concrete curbing is mixed and installed on each job site creating a custom border to fit your landscape.

Are you limited to a design layout?
Concrete curbing is ideal for most any terrain. A small concrete extruding machine is very easily maneuvered, thereby providing the design flexibility needed for your specific lawn type. It curves, circles, or extrudes straight lines to allow you any design your heart desires.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for your arrival?
There are only a few things that we will need in order to complete the job:

  • We will need access to a water source (hose hook-up).
  • You will need to have any and all subterranean objects marked. We are not responsible for contacting the utility department or identifying these objects (e.g. invisible fences, cable lines, sprinkler systems, etc.).
  • We can move some irrigation lines if need be, but an additional charge will apply.

Can anyone install this curbing?
Unlike other landscape installations, your curbing is extruded and formed onsite. You are not buying a product but a service as the curbing does not come in blocks. We also like to think of it as a work of art. We take into consideration the shapes and contours of the design. We were professionally trained and certified in Georgia, where the equipment is manufactured.

Can I place a concrete curb on asphalt or concrete?
Yes, we can place your curb on almost any terrain including existing concrete and asphalt.

What about drainage?
If we see a situation where drainage will be a problem, we add a set of "weep" holes in the curb to allow drainage of any water retention. We can also make custom "splash-blocks" to match your curb pattern for an additional cost. These are normally located at your rain downspouts.

What are you going to do with all the sod you remove?
We load it up and dispose of it properly. If you would like to keep it, just let us know. If you want us to use it to fill bare spots after the curb is installed, we may do so for an additional fee.



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